Unreal Tournament 2004

Instructions for connecting UT2004 to the 333networks masterserver.

Configuration file location

UT2004 stores the configuration file on the following location:


If that folder/file does not exist, click here for more information on known configuration locations. Once you located the configuration file, proceed with the instructions below.

For server administrators who host an UT2004 server.

Server Side Configuration

Before making changes to your configuration, make sure to turn off your gameserver. Once you have located the configuration file, open it with a text editor of choice and find the [IpDrv.MasterServerLink] section. In this section, you replace the old Epic Games entry (red) with two of the 333networks-affiliated masterserver entries (green):


Remove the line containing ut2004master.epicgames.com. Epic Games ceased their services in 2023 and the domain no longer resolves to a masterserver.

Insert entries for 333networks and errorist (green).

Note that UT2004 only uses one of these entries at will. 333networks and errorist synchronise their entries so you always uplink to both masterservers.

Restart your gameserver. The first time that you restart the server, close and re-open your configuration file to see if the changes persisted. It may take up to 15 minutes before your gameserver shows up on ut2004master.333networks.com.

Congratulations! You're all set up now! If this does not work for you, please visit our discord server, where we will try to help you set up the game properly.