Terms of Service

Terms of Use and Privacy Statement for the 333networks masterserver. Please read carefully.

General Terms

333networks provides a masterserver service (hereinafter referred to as "the service" and/or "support"). By using the service, you agree with the terms on this page.


333networks may at any given moment, unannounced and without argument or reason end the service to you by forcibly banning, blacklisting or otherwise denying you and/or your gameserver access to the service. This may happen after an administrator considers your actions to be abusive or malicious towards the service or its users. Examples of such actions (but not limited to) are:

When a threat towards the service or its users is detected, 333networks reserve the right to defend by any means necessary until the threat deems gone. Threats include, but are not limited to: flooding the master with fake servers (e.g. only sending scripted heartbeats) or abnormally high rate of heartbeats in order to damage the service. When the definition of abusive or malicious intent is ambiguous or incomplete in any situation, a 333networks administrator decides how the situation should be interpreted.

Privacy Policy

The service requires a variety of technical information directly or indirectly provided by the user (you) in order to function. The following information is recorded.

The service requires this information to function and logs this information for statistical purposes and developer evaluation, but also to identify malicious behaviour towards the service. 333networks will not share personal information without a warrant/court order. 333networks will handle this information with care and will undertake all reasonable actions to prevent personal data from being exposed. 333networks holds the rights to use this information for debugging, statistics and/or development and improvement of services.

This information will not be used by 333networks to connect game clients with people or personal information unless explicitly discussed with the people involved.