This is an overview page for help with the 333networks masterserver.

Game Instructions

Before you can use the 333networks masterserver, you have to configure your game with our masterserver. This sounds scary and complicated, but it is simple. You tell your game where to look for the masterserver list. Often, the game has a configuration file with this setting. If not, no panic! We have other methods to make sure that you can find us, without installing additional software.

Frequently Asked Questions

We often have people in our discord server asking the same questions about which games are supported or where to find configuration files. All relevant questions and answers are now organised and listed on our F.A.Q. page. Please consult this page before panicking.

Json API

333networks has a Json API. Use the Json API for your bot to display active players in your discord server or to display your clan's server information on the website with jQuery. In our documentation we explain how our API works and which syntax to use to get server lists or game info.

Terms of Use & Privacy

How do you determine who is allowed to use the masterserver and who not? What are my rights and what are yours? What are you doing with my personal data? We describe in detail which information we can see, which data we store and what we do with it.