HOSTS file

For some games, there is no masterserver configuration possible. Instead, you can re-route an old masterserver domain name to one of the supported masterservers instead. On this page we explain how this works and how to set it.

Changing the HOSTS file

The HOSTS file is a file in all types of computers, that is used to override the (computer-readable) IP address which a (human-readable) hostname/domain would normally resolve to, from a DNS query. An example would be to forward all requests your computer makes to the domain to the IP address of a 333networks masterserver.

Editing(1) your HOSTS file is as easy as opening the file with a text editor, but you will need Administrator or ROOT privileges, either by logging in as Admin or elevating your chosen text editor to Admin.

Operating SystemPath
Microsoft Windows%SystemRoot%\System32\drivers\etc\hosts
Apple MacOS v10.0–10.1.5Added through NetInfo or niload
Apple MacOS v10.2 and newer/etc/hosts (a symbolic link to /private/etc/hosts)

(1) The file does not have a file extension, but is a normal plain text file.

By editing the HOSTS file, we override the DNS settings of the currently configured masterserver and replace it with a 333networks masterserver address. For this, you need to know what the current masterserver address is, and you need to choose a new IP address to override it with.

Luckily, we have done most of that work for you. As it turns out, almost all legacy games that do not have the config option use the former GameSpy masterserver. That means that we can update the HOSTS file with a masterserver address from the table below. You may pick any of these IP addresses.

The following line contains the current IP address of, copy it to your HOSTS file and save the file. You may have to restart your computer.

Additional notes:

Masterserver Addresses

The following masterserver addresses are associated with 333networks and support the instructions on this page.

Masterserver domainIP AddressClient port (Game)Beacon port (server)

Domain names and IP-addresses last verified and updated on November 27, 2023.

If this does not work for you, we will try to help you in our discord server.