333networks monitors UT(demo) servers and provides you with server information and UT(demo) resources! Keep an eye on your UT server, read our tutorials and join our community! At 333networks, we try to keep improving wherever we can. We do this as a hobby, for recreation, out of curiousity, and to make new friends.

Welcome back!

That was the worst downtime in more than 3 years. We were off the grid for almost 24 hours. Our Multi-Master Server System paid off -- within minutes we could switch to Noccer's master server, so the inconvenience was reduced to only a small period of time. Services are being transfered back in the next few hours. If you have questions about our progress, please visit us at irc.synirc.net #333networks!

Thanks for your patience and understanding.


With GameSpy stopping their services, the master server hosted on 333networks has become a hot topic. You can find more information on the following pages:

Updates about the 333networks Master Server:The latest master server news.
Tutorial on using our master servers:How to use our master server.
Our source code:333networks Git Repository.

Wondering if your favourite game is supported?

Check it in our live master overview page! All these games work with the 333networks master server. Still doubts? Contact us!

Master Server Addresses

These are the current/definite master server addresses.

addressTCP portuplink portcontinent
tempest.333networks.com2890027900United States

Usage example:

Find your configuration file, usually called "GameName.ini", where GameName is the name of the game. Then, find and add/alter the following lines.

For clients (TCP port)



For servers (uplink port)

ServerActors=IpServer.UdpServerUplink MasterServerAddress=master0.gamespy.com MasterServerPort=27900
ServerActors=IpServer.UdpServerUplink MasterServerAddress=unreal.epicgames.com MasterServerPort=27900
ServerActors=IpServer.UdpServerUplink MasterServerAddress=master.telefragged.com MasterServerPort=27500
ServerActors=IpServer.UdpServerUplink MasterServerAddress=master.333networks.com MasterServerPort=27900

Supported games

For a list of supported games, visit the master server news page. For questions, suggestions or support email us at questions@333networks.com or visit us at irc.synirc.net #333networks.



333networks runs a MasterServer. This is essential for online gameplay. How does this work? Why is it so important that these MasterServers exist? And what happens if one of them goes down? Find out in this tutorial.

Community Forum

yknow, just camping and stuff

Since (more than) a year already, a new forum was started for the old UT(demo) community. As 333networks does not have/need its own forum, we are active there instead. But up until now, not many of our visitors realized that the link to this forum was just in the side bar on the right. Therefore a post, to remind everyone here to go to this UT(demo) forum and sign up!

Go there! »



When you start browsing for online UT(demo) games, you get a list of online games automatically. How does this work? And how can you add your own online games to the list? What happens when the so-called MasterServer goes down? Are there alternative servers?
[read this tutorial...]

Admin Guide

Since the first Unreal Tournament servers were started, people wanted to play for pleasure. To make the game more enjoyable for all players, some player rules were written. But later on, some admins did not act as responsible and respectable as the players. Therefore, a second set of rules was written to remind admins how to behave and act honorable. These rules were combined into an admin guide.
[read this tutorial...]

To Do

Though 333networks looks complete already, there are still a lot of things we want to do. Below, there is a list of functions to be implemented or sorted out.

  1. Write documentation for 333networks' master server and website.
  2. Ability to blacklist servers
  3. Finish [search] function (realtime player/admin/server searching, etc)
  4. Filters, tabs, gametypes
  5. More simple way to list favorites (by UTD/UT)
  6. Allow id-binding by Name/Properties for dynamic IP servers
  7. Ability for admin to post blog-like news, allow reactions on click.
  8. Integrate download database with UTDemo mods (and perhaps UTFull)
  9. Add content to static pages
  10. additional styles --> Sesmar, perhaps Phobos and/or Coret --> user-submitted ideas?
  11. Integrate the screenshots website.
  12. Write a user-section to store user-favorites
  13. Integrate forum / comments
  14. Rate servers / Rate admins (in combination with prev/next item)
  15. Connect clans and admins (auto-script to recognize admins/users/players/server clusters)
  16. Write a proper bot to update database
  17. Rewrite site to TUWF


If you want to help us with anything, please contact us by emailing us with some information about your awesome xhtml/CSS/Javascript/Perl/SQL/grammar skills.